Sunday April 21st: The Resurrection of Our Lord!

Easter Sunday is coming!  But before we get there, please join us for

MAUNDY THURSDAY, April 18 at 7pm: We hear the account of Jesus washing his disciples' feet at the Last Supper, share Holy Communion on the night that commemorates its beginning, and hear the 'New Commandment' (which is what the word 'maundy' means). Don't know what that commandment is?  Come and find out!  Then we 'follow' Jesus to the garden to pray, and watch the altar solemnly stripped of objects and coverings in preparation for Good Friday, while a lone voice chants Psalm 22.

GOOD FRIDAY, April 19 at 7pm: A 'Tenebrae' service, or Service of Shadows.  We confess our failures in faithfulness and then hear the 'seven last words of Christ', interspersed with hymns, psalms, and beautiful special music.  Candles are snuffed and the room darkened, ending with a whispered Lord's prayer.  It is an evening to contemplate an act of selfless love for the sake of the world.

EASTER SUNDAY, April 21 you are invited to either service (8:30 or 10:45), as well as a breakfast beginning at 9:30 and an Easter Egg Hunt at 10. 

This is called Holy Week for a reason -- come experience the depth of God's love for us!

                                             Ancient are welcome in this place.