Sundays June 10 and 17 and 24: Time After Pentecost

Pastor Sally will be on vacation, but the community of faith will be here!  On June 10 we will have a Service of the Word (no Communion) led by Steve Haseley, and on June 17 we will have Pr. Ethan Hulme of Edmond lead us in a joyous piano setting for worship called 'Now the Feast and Celebration' by Marty Haugen, including Holy Communion.  On June 24th Pastor Sally will be back for a beautiful traditional organ setting including Communion.  The message will be brought by Hannah DiPasquale, a young adult who will be reflecting on the gospel passage in light of her experiences in border ministry.

One service, at 9:30, all summer.  You won't want to miss any. :)

Ancient are welcome in this place!