Sunday December 10th: The Second Sunday in Advent

John called people to repent, to completely reorder their lives so that nothing would get in the way of the Lord's coming. Isaiah calls us all to be heralds with John, to lift up our voices fearlessly and say, "See, your God is coming!"  We say it to one another in worship, or order to say it with our lives in a world in need of justice and peace. 

In Advent we keep our worship place full of the blue of hope, and quiet compared to the bustle of daily life.   Take a deep breath in the Holy Spirit and join us Sunday mornings, as well as Wednesdays at 7pm for a half hour, lyrical prayer service (preceded by a simple soup supper at 6pm).

Sunday Worship services at 8:30 & 10:45 am.

Ancient are welcome in this place!