Our Story

The Oklahoma Land Run of 1889 brought to an area approximately 10 miles west of Stillwater a number of German Lutheran immigrants from Ukraine, Russia.

A quarter section of land was purchased in the early 1890's.  The congregation known as Friedens Kirche gathered beginning in 1892.

Around 1909, the membership voted to move into Stillwater.  The congregation was incorporated in 1911 as Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church.  The Church was located at 9th and Duncan.  The church building was destroyed by fire in 1921 and a new church was built at the same location.  

Salem's membership growth led to the sale of the little white building and construction of the present building at Duck and Elm in 1956.  The first expansion of the Education Wing was dedicated in 1976.  Additional property was purchased for the expansion of the kitchen, community, administrative and education areas which were dedicated on June 18, 2000.

Salem continues to be a congregation with a strong tie to its history, a commitment to mission and outreach, a desire to offer vibrant and thoughtful worship, and to focus on educating and equipping ourselves in discipleship among all people.